On February 12, 2016, over 60 climate change adaptation practitioners from all across the province and beyond met to exchange and share information about tools and adaptation work. In the context of the recent global focus on climate change, the conference also provided a platform for groups to think strategically about upcoming opportunities.

Throughout the day, the participants heard about some of the fantastic adaptation initiatives that are happening in NB and were able to get a better sense of the opportunities for collaboration on climate change adaptation at the regional, provincial, and federal level.

It is also a very exciting time for the Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative as more concrete actions are starting to happen around the priorities that were identified at previous workshops. During the day, the participants discussed how they could work together on the following priorities:

-Maintain a network and support partnerships to advance climate change adaptation in the province.

-Ensure that appropriate research, data, and tools are shared among Collaborative partners and widely across sectors.

-Support education and communication approaches focused on climate change adaptation.

-Encourage and support mainstreaming of planning at all levels to account for climate change adaptation and the need to include economic, social, cultural, and ecological values.

-Promote green infrastructure as viable options for adaptation.

There are now three active teams under the umbrella of the Collaborative: Green Infrastructure, Education, and Planning. 

The event was organized in collaboration with the members of the Steering Committee of the Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative. Thanks to the presenters, the participants, and the committee members. You all contributed to making the day a success.

You can read the report here!

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