Under the umbrella of the Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative, the New Brunswick Environmental Network is proud to organize a series of regional workshops and provincial conferences that addresses the subject. During each workshop, different speakers working in various sectors are able to share with participants in regards to innovative tools, sustainable projects and examples of successful collaborations.  All conference and workshop reports are available in the Climate Change Adaptatation Collaborative Documents.

Provincial Conferences and Workshops

Protect, Accommodate, Retreat? Adapting to a changing climate in New Brunswick
New Maryland, 20 February 2019
Conference Report

Ready for Action: Adapting to a changing climate
Miramchi, 26 March 2018
Conference Report

Climate Change: Opening Doors
Fredericton, 3 October 2017
Workshop Report

Advancing Climate Change Adaptation in NB: Innovative Practices & Opportunities
Moncton, 12 February 2016
Conference Report

Climate Change Adaptation: A workshop for NB's ENGOs

Fredericton, 24 June 2015
Workshop Report

Responding to Climate Risk: Working across all sectors to advance adaptation in NB
New Maryland, 4 December 2014
Workshop Report

Regional Workshops

Climate Change Adaptation in the Northwest
Edmunston, 22 November 2017
Workshop Report

A Wave of Collaboration to Explore: Adapting to Climate Change in the Northwest
Edmundston, 24 November 2016
Workshop Report

Water, Land and Communities: Adapting to Climate Change along the St. John River
Woodstock, 30 November 2015
Workshop Report

Climate Impacts: Challenges, Lessons and Collaboration in the Acadian Peninsula
Shippagan, 24 March 2015
Workshop Report

Reducing Risk: A Workshop to Initiatite Collaboration on a Climate Adaptation Strategy Among All Sectors
Moncton, 26 February 2013
Workshop Report

Collaborative Workshops

Learning Day: Natural and Nature-Based Climate Adaptation
Sackville, 4 June 2019
Workshop Report

Natural Infrastructure Learning Day: Inland Flooding and Erosion
Moncton & Sussex, 29 October 2018 
Workshop Report

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