Taking action on climate change has become a priority across Canada, and in towns and cities here in New Brunswick. Leading organizations are responding by reducing their environmental impacts, building sustainability into their operations, and forming partnerships to have greater impact than they could alone. To accelerate the low-carbon transition, businesses of all sectors and sizes can be part of the solution.

Green Economy New Brunswick (GENB) will be a provincial Hub, initially coordinated by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN), that brings together, supports, and celebrates local businesses in setting and achieving robust sustainability goals. The Hub will provide a variety of tools and resources, peer learning events, 1:1 support, and public recognition to help businesses succeed in taking action on climate change while saving money, engaging their employees, and building their profile as Green Economy Leaders.

Green Economy New Brunswick will be part of an innovative, credible and award-winning national network led by Green Economy Canada. Through this network, over 300 businesses of all sectors and sizes have collectively reduced more than 200,000 tonnes of GHGs - the equivalent of removing 42,000 cars off the road annually.

With your support, Green Economy New Brunswick can be launched in the Spring of 2021. Your business is invited to seize this leadership opportunity and become a Subscriber, a Member, or a Sponsor to build New Brunswick’s green economy. Your investment will:
  • Drive measurable, impact in communities across New Brunswick.
  • Create engagement and networking opportunities for the Green Economy.
  • Strengthen your brand as a sustainability leader.
For more information, contact Charles Thibodeau, GENB Program Coordinator, charles.thibodeau@nben.ca or (506) 855-4144.
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