Indian Island First Nation Wind Energy Project, Public Consultation, 2009-2012

In 2009, the Indian Island First Nation undertook a feasibility study to look at the potential construction of a 7.5 MW community-owned wind energy project which would be built on Crown Land located between the First Nation Reserve and the Village of Rexton, in Kent County. In partnership with the K.C. Irving Chair on Sustainable Development (UdeM), the first stage of the feasibility study was undertaken which included the construction of a Met Tower, the preparation of a Business Plan by Frontier Power Systems Inc., and the Environmental Framework prepared by Activa Environnement Inc. This first phase conclusions allowed for the continuation of the feasibility study with the professional services of Frontier Power Systems Inc. with the engineering and technical components, and with Activa Environnement Inc. for the preparation of the Environmental Assessment.

Through this course of actions, the financial viability study encouraged the Indian Island First Nation to identify other financial partners in order to solidify the feasibility of this community-owned wind project. With a number of other Mi’kmaq First Nations as partners, the project has now grown to a proposed 30 MW project. As the Environmental Assessment document was tabled by mid-February 2012 with the Province of New Brunswick for approval, the Indian Island First Nation aimed to advise interests groups and stakeholders of your option of consulting the Environmental Assessment document once tabled.
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